Unveiling a New Era in Identity Security: The Strategic Acquisition of Regatta by ProofID

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The entire Regatta team is delighted to share an extraordinary milestone that marks a significant transformation in the realm of identity and access management (IAM). Today, Regatta Solutions Group is thrilled to announce its acquisition by ProofID, a leading identity security partner, integrator, and service provider. This strategic alignment is not just a change; it’s an evolution—a redefinition of what comprehensive identity security solutions can look like for today’s growing organizations.

The Blend of Leading IAM Experience

This acquisition blends the distinct yet complementary service offerings of two leading professional services groups in the IAM industry. Regatta has been a leader in identity governance and administration (IGA) integration with SailPoint solutions for nearly 10 years, while ProofID is renowned for its IAM solutions work with Ping Identity. The synergy born from this partnership means you can now work with a single partner to manage both Ping Identity and SailPoint solutions—a seamless approach to enterprise identity management.

Geographic and Capabilities Expansion

While Regatta will continue to maintain our headquarters in Austin, Texas, this acquisition enables us to extend our reach by being part of a more extensive network that spans from Europe to North America. ProofID’s existing base in Colorado Springs will serve as another North American hub, facilitating a more comprehensive service portfolio. 

A Tradition of Excellence, Now Amplified

Regatta has always been committed to quality, underscored by our continued recognition as a SailPoint Admiral Delivery Partner. Similarly, ProofID has an impressive track record, having been Ping Identity’s Delivery Partner of the Year for the last five years. The combination of these accolades ensures an unparalleled quality of service in identity security solutions.

Better Together 

This acquisition signifies more than growth; it exemplifies the evolution of identity security solutions tailored for the contemporary enterprise. By combining the resources, expertise, and vision of Regatta Solutions Group and ProofID, we are set to offer unprecedented value in identity security solutions on a global scale.

Catch a glimpse of the collaborative future as the newly merged Regatta and ProofID teams make their debut at industry-leading events like SailPoint Navigate and Ping YOUniverse taking place October 9-11 in Austin and Dallas, Texas, respectively. This is your chance to engage directly with our experts, united in their focus on offering integrated SailPoint and Ping Identity solutions. Schedule time to see how the synergies between Regatta and ProofID can elevate your enterprise’s identity management strategies.

Navigate a Winning Identity Strategy

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