Unlocking the Value of SailPoint

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For modern enterprises, identity security is business essential. Implementing SailPoint’s identity and access management solution enables organizations to n leverage unmatched intelligence, automation, and integration tools to significantly improve their risk posture, streamline identity governance, and drive greater security overall. 

But for many SailPoint customers, the question isn’t if they should implement SailPoint, it’s how. Identity management technology is complex and multi-faceted, so it’s easy to see how someone might feel unsure of where to start or overwhelmed by the work that must be done for a successful implementation. With Regatta, SailPoint success becomes second-nature. 

Regatta serves as your Partner in Delivery, offering support as your team navigates migrating from legacy IAM systems, onboarding enterprise applications onto the platform, and in the post-implementation stage, providing training and mentorship to ensure long-term SailPoint self-sufficiency.   

The value of having a strong implementation partner like Regatta is evident in the success of our satisfied customers, from financial services companies to healthcare providers to auto manufacturers. With Regatta, they optimized their SailPoint investment, leveraging automation, machine learning, and top of the line identity security for maximum impact. 

One of these customers, a large health insurance provider, was able to transition all identities and data from their legacy IAM system to SailPoint, successfully circumventing any future licensing fees. They also developed actionable use cases for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers for easier financial management in Workday. 

Similarly, Regatta helped a large municipality upgrade for a more efficient, and more secure future by developing Joiner, Mover and Leaver use cases for Workday, as well as multiple AD domains. This helped to standardize the way the city onboards, transitions and offboards employees. 

When the North American arm of a large auto manufacturer needed support leveraging SailPoint, Regatta was there to provide ongoing resources and guidance in all things SailPoint, empowering the company to hire staff with the right skill sets, and lowering overall cost of delivery. 

Regardless of your SailPoint goals, solution, or implementation route, Regatta is ready to help you see it to fruition as your Partner in Delivery. 

Download Unlocking the Value of SailPoint and learn how Regatta is helping organizations to: 

  • Migrate seamlessly from legacy systems to SailPoint 
  • Leverage AI to gain greater visibility into user access
  • Train staff to better understand SailPoint and achieve IAM self-sufficiency

Navigate a Winning Identity Strategy

Securing the enterprise goes beyond selecting the software. Talk to the SailPoint experts at Regatta to discuss your personalized roadmap for a successful identity program.