On-Demand Webinar: Identity Factory: How to Speed App Onboarding in SailPoint by 2X

Automating key IAM processes with an identity security solution like SailPoint’s Identity Security platform can save your organization time and money while improving overall security and risk posture. For many organizations, the challenge lies in getting hundreds of enterprise applications onboarded onto the platform.

Building out an identity factory has many business benefits. Regatta has helped many organizations to establish and implement them with great results for many SailPoint implementations.

Leveraging a proven approach built upon a standardized process, the identity factory model ensures a more consistent and wider onboarding of applications — at a lower cost and with reduced overall effort.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

● How an identity factory model works with SailPoint IdentityIQ
● Core business values enabled by a factory model
● 6 steps to building and implementing an app onboarding framework
● How to prioritize apps and define key use cases for your factory
● 4 critical success factors for your identity factory

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