Identity FastTrack Overview

Identity security is less of a destination and more of an evolving process — from choosing the right solution to the final steps of implementation, to establishing the confidence and technical knowledge your team needs to become their own AIM managers. 

Alignment is critical to success when it comes to the identity security process. The Identity FastTrack framework is designed to quickly analyze your IAM environment, processes, and tools to align your people and processes with your selected IAM technology platform for fast, efficient integration with enterprise applications. 

In the Identity FastTrack brochure, we highlight the importance of establishing an identity baseline, detail how to leverage FastTrack capabilities such as agile project management and identity dashboards, and spotlight post-implementation training for identity security success and self-sufficiency.  

Navigate a Winning Identity Strategy

Securing the enterprise goes beyond selecting the software. Talk to the SailPoint experts at Regatta to discuss your personalized roadmap for a successful identity program.