Case Study: Nelnet Onboards Applications in SailPoint Identity Security Platform 2x Faster with Regatta

For organizations handling sensitive information, it’s critical to confirm that the right employees maintain exclusive, secure access to the right systems. With its modern, multifaceted approach, student financial service provider Nelnet is no exception to this rule. 

In order to ensure their customers’ information remains in the right hands, Nelnet recognized the need to invest in identity security technology SailPoint IdentityIQ. But while the decision to implement SailPoint was an easy one, the actual implementation process proved challenging. 

In this case study, we explore Nelnet’s journey to successfully implement SailPoint with the help of Regatta Solutions Group’s proprietary Identity Fastrack Methodology. We’ll share Nelnet’s path to Regatta, highlight resources that drive impact for the long haul, and chart Nelnet’s course for continued identity and access management success.

Navigate a Winning Identity Strategy

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