Moving Identity Security to the Cloud

Moving Identity Security to the Cloud

The rise of Digital Transformation changed everything about the way we work. Rather than commuting full time, most companies have fully leaned into the hybrid approach of in-person and work from anywhere models. But for all its benefits, digitization also introduced more security risks and user access to manage — both human and not. In fact, the IDSA discovered that 80% of organizations say the shift to remote work has increased their focus on identity security.

According to a recent Forrester Report, How to Secure and Govern Non-Human Entities, the amount of remote and non-employee workers sharply increased in recent years, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. That means more types of users, non-human entities, devices, and data sources than ever to protect and manage. This compounded with the steady migration of workloads to diverse cloud hybrid infrastructures makes for an increasingly complex dynamic.

Identity security is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s essential. Most modern businesses know this and have implemented identity management including some combination of access management, user provisioning and identity governance. Now, the idea of moving identity security fully to the cloud has many of these same businesses considering their options. They may be evaluating the possibility of upgrading an existing identity management solution from on-premises to a cloud-based version while others prefer to fresh with a new SaaS identity security solution. Whichever is the chosen path, moving identity security to the cloud, enables connections to critical applications virtually, seamlessly, and securely. 

Benefits of Identity Security in the Cloud

SailPoint recently unveiled the new SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, an evolution of their cloud-first industry-leading identity governance solution. Let us take a moment to briefly outline just a few of the (many) benefits it has to offer: 

  1. Rapid deployment with zero maintenance burden: With SailPoint, you can have a much faster and lower risk implementation because of the in-product capabilities available out of the box, based on over a decade of global best practices and experiences. Plus, SailPoint does the heavy lifting of managing and securing the environment for you. 
  1. Built-in identity security best practices: SailPoint makes identity security foolproof by baking in their industry-leading technology leveraging years of experience across thousands of identity programs to deliver only the best in identity and access management.
  1. Automatic updates for minimized IT workloads: The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud delivers new features and maintenance updates across all core components, requiring zero downtime and reducing in-house IT effort. 
  1. Immediate ROI, faster service, and tighter security: SailPoint’s cloud-based identity governance can accelerate the time to value on access certifications from one year to one month, automate new user access from 14 hours to 2.5 minutes, and deprovision worker accounts from 30+ days to just minutes. And, role modeling efforts that used to take days to implement common access and birthright roles are now quickly and easily discoverable with SailPoint. 
  1. Improved security, and reduced risk overall: Finally, SailPoint’s AI capabilities minimize certification fatigue and introduce data-based decision-making for Zero Trust, zero deficiencies, and zero worries. 

Make Moving Identity Security to the Cloud a Breeze

At Regatta, we understand that moving IAM to the cloud can be tricky. The process can seem daunting and complicated. To make it a little less so, we are offering Identity Cloud SmartStart. Our SailPoint-certified IAM experts work with you every step of the transition process from on-premises IdentityIQ to cloud-based IdentityNow. Or, if you’re starting fresh in the cloud, we’ll help you prepare for a seamless deployment that aligns core business processes, roles, and applications right into SailPoint’s cloud-based identity security platform. 

Ultimately, we strive to shorten the time from ordering the subscription to launch. With most identity security platforms, five applications usually take 12 weeks to reach basic provisioning, access review, and access insights — Regatta can enable you to configure two applications in just eight weeks. 

How does it work? 

Initially, we will complete an assessment of your identity environment. We then start moving to  stand up the core system. From there, over two weeks, our team will enable an authoritative source, granting visibility into the base set of users and privileges. The final two weeks we focus on enabling you and your team to be in control, allowing you to view, manage and regulate all identities.  

What Can Regatta Help Me Do?

Let’s start with strategy. All Regatta relationships begin with a two-hour planning and preparation call. We’ll help you identify both short and long-term goals, as well as create an application and functionality project rollout plan. This will help set expectations, and identify which applications, roles, and policies need prioritizing. 

Next, our team will get you prepared for deployment. The first step is to assess what users, permissions, and access controls that already exist in third-party IAM platforms, whether it be IdentityIQ, or another legacy or homegrown IAM solution; we need to discover where all the core identity components are before we bring them together. From there, we move to deployment. Depending on your goals and priorities, we will customize a plan that works for you in the immediate and longer term.  

Your Cloud Identity Security Partner

When you choose Regatta to assist with your implementation of the SailPoint Identity Security platform, you’re not just choosing an identity security provider, but a partner in delivery. We strive to enable self-sufficiency in managing SailPoint after implementation and take a hands-on approach in training so your team can take an active role in future delivery. Even after implementation is complete, Regatta IAM experts and executives are available to answer any question you may have about secure access management, around the clock. 

Given our depth of the Regatta understanding of the SailPoint Identity Security platform, you also unlock the benefits of our AI services. Automation affords not only ease of use, but peace of mind by removing the possibility of human error from the equation. Our services allow you to maximize the use of SailPoint AI Services to automate the management of all user access, allowing you to spot risks as they arise, identify common trends to consolidate roles or automate tasks, and provide actionable insights for course correction as needed.

If you find yourself evaluating a cloud-based IAM implementation, why wait for instantaneous ROI, lighting-fast service, and unparalleled security when you can have it now? 

Regatta: Your North Star for Identity Security Implementations 

We know the implementation process can be an intimidating one, so we’re here for you every step of the way. Regatta acts as your north star, shining a guiding light into the dark, often scary abyss of identity and access management. Regardless of your place in your identity security journey, Regatta is ready to be your partner in delivery for cloud-based identity security. 

Navigate a Winning Identity Strategy

Securing the enterprise goes beyond selecting the software. Talk to the SailPoint experts at Regatta to discuss your personalized roadmap for a successful identity program.