Fast Track Your Success with SailPoint Identity Security


Identity and access management is not a one-and-done project. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving program. The key to identity success is to align your people and processes with your selected IAM technology platform and to efficiently integrate it with your enterprise applications. Regatta’s innovative Identity FastTrack framework was designed to do just that focusing on SailPoint IdentityIQ and SailPoint IdentityNow implementations in even the most complex of enterprise environments. 

SailPoint customers who are just starting out or who find themselves tangled up in a heavy implementation lift, might find it more difficult to quickly and easily identity-enable their applications. Regatta’s team of certified SailPoint experts can help organizations to move faster and achieve more with SailPoint faster, and at far lower cost, than ever thought possible. How? With Regatta Identity FastTrack™. 

Introducing Regatta Identity FastTrack™

Identity FastTrack is at the heart of our SailPoint implementations. We focus on achieving a faster time to value and ultimately, minimizing identity security risk. By combining our proven methodology with identity security best practices, Identity FastTrack can streamline any SailPoint implementation, migration or evolution.

Building an Identity Factory

FastTrack projects start by establishing an identity factory that boosts productivity, accelerates application integration and elevates visibility of key metrics. Essentially, we build a state-of-the-art “identity security and access delivery” factory. From there, we leverage the factory to integrate and operate identity-enabled applications. This work is based on an optimized process and configuration of existing tools. Regatta’s innovative approach is proven to deliver an overall faster, more efficient application onboarding rate. 

FastTrack is the culmination of our experience with over 2,000 SailPoint IdentityIQ implementations. Developed and proven exclusively by Regatta Solutions Group, Identity FastTrack accelerates IAM integration development, creating a more efficient process that yields better results with full transparency.

Key Elements of Identity FastTrack 

Assessment & Access Insights: First, using the Identity FastTrack framework, our certified SailPoint experts quickly analyze your IAM environment, processes and tools to start delivering real results. Our identity consultants weave in Access Insights to harness the power of SailPoint’s AI platform right out of the gate. This enables us to immediately improve the value of our Identity Dashboards and to answer the following critical questions:  

  • Who received access to what?
  • What changes are taking place over time and why? 
  • Is there any questionable access that might be lurking as an outlier within the organization?
  • What common access exists to help speed and ease the burden of initial access modeling, data cleanup, etc.? 

Gaining these initial Access Insights early on sets us up to take advantage of the additional AI modules in the next phase of our engagement with Access Modeling and Recommendations. This is where we help customers to get started with SailPoint AI whether they’re going to integrate it into their SailPoint IdentityIQ or IdentityNow implementations. (Stay tuned for more about that in our next blog!)

Agile Project Management Approach: Second, we employ an agile project management approach we call the Agile Identity Workflow™. By utilizing and incorporating the agile project methodology and engine into the development process, we can achieve results rarely attainable with traditional project management methods. Allowing application assessments and developments to be done in parallel keeps developers fully utilized saving time and money. This agile system is a much better approach for IAM than waterfall programs because it keeps the team progressing on application integrations even when one integration becomes an issue.

  1. Identity Factory: After an expert assessment of enterprise identity security processes and Access Insights are derived, we build a program roadmap to get the executive team on board. We then optimize an agile IAM development environment and demonstrate how to redeploy existing tools to help leverage your existing investments. We do this quickly so customers can achieve and demonstrate impressive results.
  2. IAM-enabled Application Production: With a solid identity factory in place, you will be ready to integrate far more applications with your SailPoint infrastructure. Your journey to get your IAM program moving will be on a fast track. Regatta has industry-leading agile processes for identity-enabling and tracking applications development – from production to management and monitoring. We will assist in onboarding apps, roles and policies into SailPoint IdentityIQ and IdentityNow with innovative tools for role and policy import, testing and more. 
  3. Identity Dashboards: Once the program is live, we help to create dashboards that make it easy to track and share delivery and project metrics. Sharing metrics and impact with the executive team demonstrates progress and makes it easy to proactively gain security and compliance insights. Regatta Identity Dashboards help monitor key metrics including:
    1. Application onboarding rate
    2. Story points per developer
    3. Number of apps/workflows for any period of time
    4. Risks and key decisions 
  4. Training and Mentoring: Our goal is to work alongside our clients demonstrating the work to ultimately drive measurable, rapid results. Once the project is deployed, we partner with the internal team responsible for SailPoint and enable them to be self-sufficient, establishing a path of independence for the future. This training includes: 
    1. Administrator and end user training
    2. Implementer training
    3. Co-delivery and handoff to client implementers

The Regatta Difference

Regatta has the experience required to make SailPoint identity security implementations successful at much lower costs and far more quickly with Identity FastTrack. By co-delivering with our clients, we enable them to be independently successful over time without having to rely upon a third-party integrator once the Identity Factory is established.

If you are ready to streamline your SailPoint implementation, Regatta Identity FastTrack will help you achieve: 

  • Enhanced Developer Productivity: Identify, drive, measure and iteratively improve applications development
  • Faster Time to Results: Improved visibility with insights and overall clarity 
  • Build Long-term Value: Achieve (and often surpass) stated identity security goals with efficiencies programmed into the Identity Factory
  • Achieve Greater ROI: Quickly build executive team confidence and support for your IAM projects

Take Your SailPoint Implementation to the Next Level

Our SailPoint experts can conduct a thorough evaluation of your organization’s identity security requirements to identify areas for improvement and deliver a roadmap to enable your SailPoint deployment for future growth.
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