The “Value Added Difference” Using Staffing at Regatta


By Marty Smith

December 15, 2020

A major component of Regatta’s business is our professional staffing. Without exceptional IAM resources, the other programs will not be successful.

So, what’s the “secret sauce” behind Regatta’s staffing? 

Here are some insights into our process, which we feel is one of the best in the industry.

Staffing begins with a very intensive recruiting and qualification process. We have developed a template or “footprint” of the top 5 skill sets that our customers demand. We then recruit to these specifications. This allows our recruiters to focus solely on those skillsets and not try to chase “purple squirrels,” or people, outside the skill boxes.  We have built our certifications around this process.

Our dedicated recruiters have numerous years of experience and are capable of processing multiple candidates every day. They look for years of IAM experience, variety of projects worked on, whether the candidate is or has been in a leadership position, or an architect, developer, or business analyst role.  The candidates that pass the initial assessment are grouped together and the next steps for each candidate are discussed with the sales team or projects managers for a potential fit.

Our recruiters then screen the candidates personally to gather fundamental information and to verify projects and timeframes against the candidates’ resumes. Communication skills are also captured at this time. Our recruiters are trained to ask some fundamental technical questions to make sure the candidate can pass the initial step in the process. If in agreement to proceed to the next step, the recruiters will gather further information from the candidate such as photo ID, right to work in USA, and skills matrix documentation. 

They proceed to setting up a video interview session with one our senior staff members for an in-depth technical screen. During the technical screen, we ascertain that the candidate’s image matches their photo ID and rate their communication skills.  The technical screener then fills out a second skills matrix and their opinion of the skill level of the candidate. 

The recruiter then initiates a background check to ensure the candidate’s personal information, work record, and educational background is correct. Regatta also checks for any criminal and financial history that may impact a potential assignment.

The management team then reviews all the candidates who have passed the technical screens and background checks. If in agreement, the team recommends that the candidates be placed in a “ready for assignment” stage and matches them against current client requirements.

Once a candidate is selected for assignment, we work with our clients to establish a mutually acceptable start date. We then assign a Regatta mentor for our candidate to reach out to for procedural or technical questions he or she may have during their consulting engagement. We then continue to contact the client manager and candidate to track performance updates and their assignment end date.

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