Denver Achieves Major Identity Security Victory in a Fast Migration to SailPoint

Mountain-inspired architecture at the Denver International Airport

Motivated by its mile-high standards, the City and County of Denver recognized the need for an identity security solution as modern as the city itself. Colorado’s capital gravitated to SailPoint’s sophisticated, extensive IAM capabilities and choose IdentityIQ for its flexibility, and customizable approach.

The starting point

Denver’s goals included successful migration from a legacy IAM system, easy management of roles and access, and development of collaborative skills required for longterm SailPoint success. Yet the city’s SailPoint implementation efforts had become stalled, and the team found themselves in need of guidance.

Getting off the ground

Thanks to Regatta, migration from legacy systems to SailPoint was a success. Regatta guided the Denver team in onboarding all enterprise applications, as well as implementing JML processes to simplify onboarding, transitioning, and off-boarding employees. Denver also established individual roles within the organization using role-based access control (RBAC), and assigned each specific access for ease of use and management. Viewable from a single dashboard, these datasets deliver Denver greater visibility into access, fortifying risk management and security posture overall. 

Soaring with SailPoint

To meet Denver’s goal of SailPoint self-sufficiency, Regatta implemented a structured mentorship model. Through hands-on workshops, the Denver team mastered essential SailPoint skills like completing access reviews, certification and exclusion, and other role creation and access management basics. 

“Going into implementation, we had lots of back-burner issues we wanted to address,” said Nate Kresse, head of Application Development for the City of Denver. “We needed a partner who would listen to our concerns and address each of them on an individualized basis. Regatta worked with us through every step of our process and even beyond, ensuring we had the tools necessary to be our own SailPoint experts.”

Regatta guided the Denver team through high-level SailPoint management, such as extending SailPoint into other product components like ServiceNow. With Regatta’s help, the team developed the proficiency, confidence, and technical understanding to not just maintain SailPoint, but maximize it to the fullest. 

Partners in Delivery 

With Regatta as their Partner in Delivery, the city of Denver was able achieve all of their identity and access management goals, developing in-house SailPoint expertise along the way. Looking ahead, the future of Denver identity management is bright. The city achieved a massive win by migrating to a new solution and onboarding applications in record time. Working with Regatta, Denver both lowered costs and expedited time to value, achieving SailPoint even higher success than the Mile High City.

At Regatta, our customers are the lifeblood of what we do,” says Dave Randall, Chief Services Officer at Regatta. “The success of organizations like Denver is our top priority. We work alongside them as partners, so their success is ours too.”

If you want to read more about the City of Denver’s SailPoint journey and how Regatta can help you achieve the same SailPoint highs, check out the case study, Peak Identity Security in the Mile High City.

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