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With the rise of machine learning, more and more processes are being automated, meaning humans can spend less time on manual tasks and more time driving impact where it counts. For organizations using SailPoint identity security solutions, the availability of SailPoint’s AI services to automate decision-making can significantly accelerate the discovery of potential risks, and strengthen security posture overall.

Though automation is advancing the way we work, at Regatta, we know that it takes real human connection to learn and implement AI strategies. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to the implementation process, providing instruction and support as your team turns on, sets up, and leverages AI capabilities to the fullest. 

If you have yet to implement SailPoint AI, there’s no time like the present. When your organization decides to take the plunge, you unlock actionable insights into user access, intelligent recommendations, automated decision making, role creation, and more. In fact, SailPoint AI can start delivering essential identity security value from the moment you turn it on!

In this blog, we’ll explore what AI success looks like by outlining three key features of SailPoint machine learning. For a more in-depth overview and a step-by-step guide for effective implementation and impact, be sure to download our guide to maximizing SailPoint AI. 

Access Insights

Phase one of your AI journey begins with access insights, or Insightful Identity Intelligence. This feature allows you to review all access-related activity from a single dashboard. The AI takes vast amounts of identity data including user attributes, roles, access history, and entitlements — and turns it into consumable, actionable insights in one place. The dashboard format allows easy data visualization for quicker analysis and reporting to business stakeholders, while keeping your team as up-to-date as possible.

Outlier Identities

Gain an actionable view into anomalous identity access with Identity Outlier and Outlier Score. An outlier identity is an identity with different access from its peers in the same role or category. Outliers pose a potential risk to the organization, so having a complete view of them allows you to stamp out any security issues.

The Identity Outlier feature discovers outliers identities, while Outlier Score helps standardize how outliers are measured, including setting a custom outlier threshold that, when surpassed, alerts the system and triggers automated workflow. In tandem, these capabilities allow for quick certification campaigns for outliers and an improved risk posture overall. 

Access Modeling 

Trusting your users with the access they need to do their jobs is essential. But as your company grows, it becomes more difficult to create and manage roles. Access Modeling enables the creation of new, impactful roles requiring less maintenance while improving and maintaining existing ones. The feature also allows access modification for quicker onboarding, transitioning, and offboarding, optimizing your role program to prioritize security. 

Common Access Roles cuts down on access requests and certifications for common, less risky items, while Role Insights and Peer Group Analysis enable you to build peer groups based on user attributes and access patterns. And, with continuous role analysis, SailPoint can help you to easily review and maintain more accurate and secure company-wide access. 

Regatta allows your organization to explore AI with confidence. Our personalized implementation strategy walks you through SailPoint’s AI capabilities step-by-step according to your company’s timeline and comfort level. Regardless of the stage of your SailPoint journey, we’ll offer guidance and support for automation success, fostering practical application skills for automatic SailPoint success. With Regatta and SailPoint AI, you can progress with confidence into a secure, optimized future.

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